Popularity of the USPCC Helps Boost Registrations for the Annual Buff Bicycle Classic

From the Daily Camera

Organizers of the Buffalo Bicycle Classic -- a charity ride that raises scholarship money for students at the University of Colorado -- seem to be benefiting from the excitement of the Pro Cycle Challenge that recently held its stage 6 in Boulder.

The Elevations Credit Union Buffalo Bicycle Classic is scheduled for Sunday, and some riders who participate in the 10th annual classic will follow much of the same route -- the mountainous Boulder Canyon section -- that the pros did in the nationally broadcast Pro Cycling Challenge.

Todd Gleeson, the ride's founder and former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said last year there were 1,850 participants. Leading up to the race, there were 400 to 500 more people registered than there were during the same time period last year -- a bump that Gleeson thinks can be linked to the excitement surrounding the Pro Cycle presence in Boulder.

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