Panache Introduces the Move Collection

I recently caught up with Don Powell of Panache Cyclewear to talk about their new line of advanced casual wear, the Move Collection.

[303Cycling] When will the Move Collection be available?
The first two styles in the Move Collection, a Button-Up Shirt and Button-Fly Short are available for Pre-Order now, with delivery in the next 10 days. Future styles, a Hoody and Pant will be available in the Fall.

[303Cycling] Why casual wear now?
[Don] Because we couldn't find great clothing that worked for cyclist's off-the-bike active lifestyles. We tend to walk or ride when others drive. We tend to speed up when others slow down. We tend to explore when others take the same path day after day. Thus, our casual wear needs to be functional, which means it needs to stretch and move with our body's movement; it needs to dry quickly because we cyclists tend to over-do even a simple walk around town; AND it needs to look sweet.

[303Cycling] What are the similarities between the technical line?
[Don] Yes, we use technical fabrics. All our Move fabrics use SmartFIT fabrics. SmartFit fabrics are great because they wick on the inside and protect on the outside. That is, they dry fast, but keep things like water and wind at bay just enough so that one can be comfortable riding a cruiser bike to their local eatery. In addition, the Move line, like our technical clothing is patterned to fit cyclists (fit, athletic people).

[303Cycling] Anything else we'd like to tell your readers?
[Don] We engineered the Move styles by asking ourselves, what did we want to wear when we weren't on our bikes. Specifically, what did we want to wear on our way to a Race or Ride (when we couldn't ride there) and what did we want to wear while celebrating with friends aprés Ride (aka Pub, Eatery, Cafe)? The answer: Cool clothing that looks great and keeps us comfortable.

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