Panache Fleece Shorts

If you haven't tried a pair of thermal bike shorts you are missing out. I have been using Panache Fleece Bib Shorts for a couple weeks now and they are my go to shorts when the temperature dips below 55F. I do a lot of my riding early in the morning so these have been getting a lot of ride time.

The fleece lined shorts keep your legs extra warm. If the temps dip lower, add a pair of leg warmers and you will be very comfortable.

Here are some technical specifications from the Panache web site:

  • FABRIC: 220 weight Roubiax fleece. Durable, long-wearing nylon under the chamois, compression Power Lycra on the printed panels for good looks and muscular support. Breathable, wicking poly elsewhere to regulate temps.
  • CONSTRUCITON: Nine panels let us put the right material in the right place. Absolutely no cross-seam in the chamois, making the most comfortable contact point possible.
  • CHAMOIS: High density open-cell all-way stretch foam padding with two layer X-TRACT fabric against the skin. Ultra fast drying with great breathability.
  • COMPRESSION: Studies show supported, stable muscles last longer. Rest up for the bunch kick.
  • STITCHING: Flatlock seams - smoother, stronger seams mean smoother, stronger riding.
  • TAGLESS: No tags, no chafing, no problem.
  • GRIPPER: Long-lasting, no-crack silicone for durability.
  • GRAPHICS: Digital printing means vibrant, crisp, accurate graphics. Your team designs won’t run or bleed, giving them more pop than you’ve ever seen.
  • FIT: Performance fit.

You want a pair? You can buy them online.


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Second That!

I was thinking the same thing on knickers! If I need fleece in my shorts, it goes without saying that I need knee warmers too so why not just make a knicker? Descente used to make fleece-lined shorts but pretty sure they dropped em b/c of the aforementioned reason and for the price, it made more sense to just buy a knicker.