Women's Development Camp - Learn from the pros!

Bicycle racing is difficult, whether you are getting started or want to break out into the cat II level, it's not easy. Multiple times here on 303cycling we have promoted that riders who want to really increase their performance to consider finding a Colorado Bicycle Coach.

Additional or alternative to getting a coach you might want to consider going to a cycling camp. Every spring you can find tons of camps in Arizona, some are for real performance enhancements while others are purely that "Live like a Pro" camp. Personally for me I would equally enjoy either because at the end of the day I got to 100% indulge myself in to the sport I love. This spring in Colorado there is going to be an all All Woman's Cycling Camp in Palisades Colorado put on by two top notch female riders, Tina Pic and Kimberly Baldwin.

Their experience will allow the riders to have the same experience and resources that they get to have at training camps they attend every spring with their professional teams. The 4 day training camp will include many skills and discussion for any female rider wanting to improve their skills. Below are some of the many topics covered..

  • Hear from industry expert about nutrition for female athletes from a female.
  • Learn about TT positioning, pacing, training and optionally get your position professionally fitted from Retul 3D Capture Fit System
  • Ride alongs with Kimberly and Tina to learn how to ride with the pack and use the pack for max benefit.

All of this is done in beautiful Palisades Colorado where you get to eat great food and drink wine while hanging out with other like minded female riders.

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