Pactimo: Super-rad.

The first time I heard of Pactimo was when I saw a new box of state championship vests for the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado. I'll admit I had no idea Pactimo was a Colorado company until I asked (then BRAC Exec. Director) Chris McGee, “Who makes those?” He pointed at their logo on the side of a vest and said, “Um...Pactimo. You don’t know Pactimo??!?! They're COLORADO! As in RAD. Super-rad." I immediately grabbed a vest out of his hand and tried it on. He was right. It was rad. I refused to take it off and kept it. Kidding.

A few weeks later I got to sit down to coffee with Karl Heidgen (VP Custom Sales) and Joshua Cook, (Retail Brand Manager) to learn more about the only Colorado company that can keep The BRAC cup winners happy. Karl gave me the skinny on Pactimo.

“We are a well-run company first. A bike company second. Meaning, we have always followed a very successful business model based on customer service and quality. You probably didn’t know we were from Colorado because we’re just not a company that says, “Look at us! Look at us!! We’re in the bike industry! We’re riding our bikes RIGHT NOW!” [Editor’s note: Karl said this last part while doing jazz-hands and dancing a bit side to side. He’s pretty animated. I laughed so hard I almost spilled my coffee. And his. And Josh’s.] He added, “I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Those companies have their place as well. It’s just. Not. Us. There are many of us at Pactimo who DO like to ride our bikes, but we are going to get you your kits first.”

Pactimo started in a basement in 2003 and 18 months later that basement start-up was a million-dollar company. Their clear business vision has enabled them to own and operate their company completely (even from the early days). Nothing is outsourced. They have no debt. Their employees are genuinely happy (mega-high retention rate) and well taken care of regardless of it’s here or in China. They even managed to avoid any lay-offs during our recent recession.

There are many choices for custom team gear. A gazillion (yes, it's a number). We all know that. Here are a few gems that set Pactimo apart from all the rest.

  • Colorado Company (did I mention this?)
  • 5 Week Guaranteed Delivery since 2011, year round. Team managers, did you hear me?!? FIVE WEEKS!!!
  • 5 Piece Minimum Orders
  • No Per Piece Re-order Minimums
  • No Fees to Build or Maintain Your Team Store
  • Rush Orders Available
  • Men’s & Women’s Specific Designs (HUGE BONUS. And they tested by and made for REAL women.)
  • Variety of Product Lines
  • Unsurpassed Personalized Service

That’s their custom line. They've recently dove into the retail side as well. This isn't such a tall order because there’s a ton of cross-over with their product. It’s not as if the retail stuff is boxy and cheap vs. the sleek, custom gear (made exclusively for beautiful Olympians). It’s all hot.

Speaking of...tomorrow for Women’s Wednesday: I’ll be reviewing two of the items I've been wearing with excess since November. The Women’s Cascade Jacket and The Women’s Summit Raptor Bib-Shorts. Get ready to drool, ladies.

*A huge thanks to Karl and Josh for the coffee date. It was informative, entertaining and super-rad.

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