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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to descend Old Stage as fast as Taylor Phinney? Or climb Mt. Evans like Tom Danielson? Or better still to suffer like uber domestique Timmy Duggan? Even the weekend cyclist can get a taste for what it might feel like to be a professional rider or maybe that guy he's trying to beat out on the road all thru the latest in social media.

Collecting and sharing of cyclists' information has come a long way since MapMyRide and in a very short amount of time. It seems that most people have some sort of cycling computer on their bike or at least an iPhone or Android to record their ride. It is possible to collect and share distance, elevation gain, top speed, average speed and even heart rate and power statistics.

Online tools like Strava and Ride with GPS accept GPS data and will map your route and all that goes with it and you can then share this information with your friends. As we're all aware, sharing social information has become bigger than ever. All this sharing of data has lead to other web sites popping up that let you compare your ride and see how you compare over a segment to someone else. One site that has popped up is Race Shape. This is from the Race Shape web site So your KOM got sniped...Check out the rolling time gap so you can get it back. Here is the Race Shape for backside of Olde Stage. You can see where you lost to the fastest person or someone who is more your speed. You can also compare multiple people over the segment.

It's curious to think about where all this data could end up. Not too long ago terms like data artisan, data architect, big data and analytics were only thrown around in the largest of companies. Now, the start up in the garage next door has the power thru the internet and cloud computing to crunch "big data".

Will a sites like these lead to our max hearts rates showing up in random studies or more poor cycling behavior, a lawsuit?. Maybe it's all just good clean fun.

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Go for it

What's stopping you from "just going out and riding your bike?" No one is making you use these websites, or even use a bike computer for that matter. If someone else takes pleasure from uploading their data and "competing" online, why do you care?