Walk and Roll & SRTS heading to a school near you

Wednesday is Walk and Bike to School Day and many schools in Colorado are also having Walk and Roll events encouraging kids to walk or bike to school more often. Heatherwood Elementary just completed their week long Walk and Roll Event with huge success. Here is what the Walk and Roll lead at Heatherwood had to say

Full racks at Heatherwood Elementary

Heatherwood Elementary, located in Boulder, just wrapped up it's fall Walk and Roll Week. With many classes reaching near 80% participation this was the largest Walk and Roll Week the school has ever had. Students and parents were encouraged to walk or ride bikes to school every day this week and were greeted with treats from local sponsors like Moe's Bagels, Rudi's Bakery, Clif Bar, and the Smiling Moose Deli. The culmination of the week's events was an all school assembly where a new bike, donated by Dr. Donovan Martin of Studio One Dental, was raffled off and everyone enjoyed smoothies donated by RUSH. With so many kids arriving to school by foot or bike, bus drivers were feeling a bit lonely this week and car traffic around the school dropped to around 20 cars as opposed to the typical 90+ cars. One Heatherwood teacher commented on the great energy around the school this week and the sense of community with so many families converging on the school by bike. Heatherwood is looking to keep it going by participating in International Walk to School Day this coming Wednesday, Oct. 6th.

It's not just for young kids either!

DU will be hosting Bike & Walk to School Day this Wednesday and so can your school!

How can you get involved?

On the most basic level do your part and bike or walk to school. Get the school interested in a Walk or Bike to school day October is International Walk to school month and many are selecting Oct 6th and THE day to walk to school. Also, BicycleColo has some great resources on Colorado Safe Routes to Schools

Next you can contact you local SRTS leader or gets your school district involved. Start here!
Boulder's Safe Routes to Schools website and Denver's Safe Routes to School website

School meets to celebrate week long effort to bike and walk to school

Owner of Studio One Dental donates bikes to raffle for school

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