Nonresidents Asked to Avoid the Fourmile Canyon Fire Area

We received this from the Sheriff's Office this afternoon:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nonresidents Asked to Avoid the Fourmile Canyon Fire Area

TO: Boulder County Area Media
FROM: Cmdr. Rick Brough (303) 441-3631
RE: Cyclists, pedestrians and nonresidents asked to avoid Fourmile Canyon fire area

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is urging cyclists, pedestrians and nonresidents to avoid the Fourmile Canyon fire area through Oct. 1 to give residents, fire personnel, and utility crews priority access.

While several roads into and near the burn area recently reopened, officials are asking residents from outside the burn area to use alternative roads and areas for their recreation.

“We are seeing significant traffic increases on mountain and canyon roads due to ongoing fire-related activities,” Sheriff Joe Pelle said.

To ensure everyone’s safety and to give residents, firefighters and utility crews priority access to the areas, cyclists, pedestrians and non-residents are asked to avoid the following roads:

· Lee Hill Drive
· Lefthand Canyon Drive (between James Canyon and Ward)
· Olde Stage Road
· Sunshine Canyon Drive
· Fourmile Canyon Drive
· Sugarloaf Road

A large volume of heavy firefighting and utility repair equipment are still traveling these narrow roads. Please respect the need to maintain safety and traffic flow on these roads by selecting alternative routes.

“Cyclists can really help us right now by avoiding the roads into and around the burn area so that residents and work crews have unimpeded access to these heavily impacted areas,” Pelle said. “The community’s cooperation and support for our firefighting and public safety efforts has been commendable. This is one more way people can help.”

The burn area is still only accessible to residents at this time due to ongoing recovery work in the area and continuing safety concerns. There are still “hot spots,” downed power lines and health risks associated with entering the burn area. Please do not bike, walk or enter the burn area unless you have a personal or professional need to be there.

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Detective Commander Rick Brough
Boulder County Sheriff's Office

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