No Winter 'Brake' For Boulder B-cycle

No Winter 'Brake' For Boulder B-cycle!

The Red Bikes will be rolling this winter - Ride on!

In its second winter of bike-sharing, Boulder B-cycle has decided to stay open for its users all winter. This is in contrast to last year's first winter in which they closed from mid-December through mid-March.

"We were given a lot of encouragement to stay open," says interim Executive Director, Bob Koenig. "There was a chorus of support from all types of users: workers and students who use our bikes for their 'last mile' commute, the downtown errand-runners and lunch-hour recreational riders, locals who enjoy rides with their out-of-town guests, and of course our wonderful sponsors and City/County supporters."

Boulder B-cycle kept 2 UCAR B-Stations open last winter to test the docks and bikes against winter weather conditions; many of the B-Stations are solar-power operated. "We passed the test with flying colors," says Koenig, "neither the cold temperatures nor cloudy days interrupted our service."

UCAR's Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, Kay Gazaway, said "Last winter worked really well for us having 2 B-Stations operating for our 2 campus locations; our employees used the red bikes all winter long without a glitch. And now that all B-Stations will be open throughout the area, we have an alternative transportation system for wherever we want to go in the City; we're thrilled!"

Two New B-stations
Boulder B-cycle will open two new B-stations in November: Broadway & Iris and 33rd & Fisher (next to the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office). These stations are supported by Boulder County for their employees and visitors and bring the total Station count to 21. Boulder B-cycle launched in May 2011 with 12 Stations.

"We are very excited and proud to be opening new B-Cycle stations at two of our busiest public service locations," Boulder County Commissioner Will Toor said. "Thousands of residents and county employees travel to these locations every week, and thanks to an excellent partnership with B-Cycle, we are able to provide a fun, healthy and efficient way to get there."

Since B-cycle's launch in May of 2011, the Boulder Community and Visitors have experienced:
- Over 40,000 total trips
- 64,000 miles ridden
- Nearly 4 million calories burned
- 47 tons of carbon emission saved
- 3,100 gallons of gasoline saved

About Boulder B-cycle:
Boulder B-cycle is our community's nonprofit bike share system; we provide day users and annual members with bikes where and when they need them. B-cyclists can pick up, ride and drop off shared bikes at stations all over town. The program launched on May 20, 2011, and has become part of a growing national trend in active transportation. Boulder B-cycle believes that bicycles should be a vehicle for positive health and environmental change and an important part of a community's transportation system.

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