New Loop to Add Three Miles of Trail at Betasso

From the Daily Camera:

A new loop opening at Betasso Preserve next month will add more than three miles of multi-use trail to the popular Boulder County recreation area.

Open to mountain bikes and accessible from town by bike, the Benjamin Loop is expected to be a draw. The trail, which will extend the Canyon Loop trail, opens May 19 to bikers, hikers, runners and horses and will add 3.1 miles to the five miles of trail now open at Betasso.

Mountain bikers are "ecstatic" about the new loop, said Jenn Archuleta, trails projects director for the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance.

The Benjamin Loop will be closed to mountain bikes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On other days, mountain bikers can ride in a specified direction. Leashed dogs will be allowed.

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