New Trail in Superior - Completes Dirty Bismarck

New Trail in Superior (looking SE) - Photo Credit: 303Cycling

With all the talk and news about trail access and new trails in Boulder, Superior is quietly becoming a great biking town with out alot of fan fair. If you have not seen the bike park they are building you should check it out.

A new trail, in old town Superior, opened recently and I finally got a chance to ride it today. It completes what is known as the Dirty Bismarck (or Dirty Morgul). Basically a dirt version of the Morgul Bismarck. The Dirty Bismarck consists of the following trails:

  • Mayoffer-Singletree Trail
  • Meadowlark Trail
  • Coalton Trail
  • High Plains Trail
  • Greenbelt Plateau
  • Community Ditch
  • Cowdrey Draw

The new trail starts at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Thomas St in Superior and heads south toward the Colition Trail (McCaslin and Coalition Drive). The trail is super smooth and today I road my road bike on the trail. I didn't get an exact length but if I were to guess its probably a couple miles long.

I have now completed the Dirty Bismarck loop. I parked at the new trail head at the round-about at McCaslin and Coalition Drive. The complete loop is almost 15 miles with an elevation gain of close 1000 feet. I am glad I used my mountain bike because a few sections are fairly rocky. Check out the trail and let us know what you think.

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I love the Dirty Bismark loop; been riding it since late November (when the final section was flagged). It's 15.00 miles, which I think is longer than if one rode the pavement around it!

The specs on the new section are way overkill, so shock and dismay are understandable, but the County built it with Fed money which specified ADA Compliant, which is why it's so massive.

A few small corrections

A few small corrections to the article, for anyone unfamiliar with the area who might be googling the trail names --

* COALTON trail (not Coalition).

* COWDREY Draw (not Dowdrey Draw; I think you're confusing this with Doudy Draw, which is roughly in the same area but on the other side of Highway 93 near Eldorado).

Garmin map of route

I rode it on a mountain bike today counterclockwise from the south end of the new connection at the new parking lot off the circle on McCaslin. I got 14.78 miles with one brief wrong turn on the northwest corner. Missed the turn left up the stairs to the plateau. Otherwise there are maps along the way, pretty easy route to follow-I'd never been on any of the trails before. Uploaded the file to Garmin, you can see the map here:

Not technical but nice views and good base miles. Almost all could be done on a cross bike, but the rocks on the plateau and NE of Marshall Lake might be tough. Might try it though.