2014 Bennett Road Race

A new road race for 2014 by DBCEvents.com ! The course is a 43 mile per lap event. Only 34 miles from Downtown Denver, 50 miles from Boulder. Bennett is just east of DIA off of I-70 . Start time for all categories is 10am or later so plenty of time to digest breakfast. The course has some large rollers starting at approximately mile 20 but otherwise is fairly flat. We are producing this race in 2014 because the Boulder Roubaix Course is unusable due to damage from the Sept 2013 flood

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Just wondering, what part of

Just wondering, what part of the Boulder Roubaix course is not useable? I thought the only issue was the bridge out on the very north end, but we rode through there the other day and it had been fixed. Looking forward to this new race none the less. Our team has ridden out there a bunch and we always say you could have a great race out there.