New Bike Lanes in Centennial

Bike Lanes in Centennial

The City of Centennial recently completed construction of 18 miles of new on-street bike lanes with striping and signage throughout the City. This project is part of a city-wide biking network connecting parks, schools, and existing trails. The use and restrictions of bike lanes is currently governed by the official signage and markings placed along the roadway. The City has placed and will continue to maintain traffic control devices such as directional signage on its streets and highways to regulate, warn, or guide traffic conforming to the Model of Traffic Code (MTC) and the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

There are many safety rules to follow when driving or riding in Centennial. A few safety measures to keep in mind are:
• Bicycles do ride in the right-hand most lane of traffic, or in designated bicycle lanes; when being overtaken by another vehicle they should ride as close to the ride-hand side of the road as practical.

• Parking was generally not changed as a result of the bike lane program this year. If a parking lane is striped between the curb and bike lane, do park in it. If there is no parking lane between the curb and bike lane, do not park in the bike lane. Do not park in any area that is signed for No Parking or is in a travel lane along a street.

• Do share the lane with bicyclists. “Sharrows”, painted bike symbols on the pavement indicate to drivers to share the lane with bicyclists.

• When making a right-hand turn along a marked bike lane do move into the bike lane before the intersection, first signaling the lane merge, then yielding to any bicycles in the lane, then merging right to the curb lane, then finally making the actual turn when safe.

• Do not drive in designated bike lanes unless turning in or out of access points – and even then, bicyclists always have the right-of-way when traveling in a bicycle lane.

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