NetCairns - a Wiki for Mountain Biking trails on the Front Range

NetCairns is a wiki for Mountain Biking trails in the Front Range. What's a wiki? It's geek speak for a web site that allows readers to augment and change, basic for the readers by the readers. The site gives details on area mountain bike rides showing google ariel maps, ride profiles and general details like terrain, difficultly, and even the ability to post photos too.
Handful of rides on the site

NetCairns has been out for a few months and it appears that their birth defects they had at launch time (mainly performance) have been resolved. Great resource for the casual mountain biker or those new to the area, however with more additions from readers this thing could be really cool. No question about it, the front range really has a large deficit of "official" mountain bike trails however there are tons of unofficial ones out there that I've heard about like a myth in the cycling crowd but I know they exists. Time to get those trails into a resource like this!

Want to help out? Add a trail and you could win a case of beer and a jersey from New Belgium Brewing

For details on the contest check out The Group Ride's contents details

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