Mt. Evans/Pro-Women's Purse Update

To: The Colorado Cycling Community
From Deirdre Moynihan,
Ride Director, Mt. Evans

We have publicized throughout the year that if we get more than 19 SW Pro 1/2 racers we would provide a $3000 payout (or if less than that it would be $1500). This is in contrast to the $5000 men's payout. We have marketed it extensively to women, provided discounts to women's teams, reached out to WCA and we still just have 6 women registered for the Pro race. We are disappointed in these numbers, but we will keep trying next year to increase that field and ultimately provide an equal prize. We operate on a tight budget so our payouts are a big deal. So instead, we will use these funds to reward the juniors that are taking the challenge with some extra perks. We'll also recognize the Gran Fondo - which has the bulk of the women that are registered. I understand that we may receive some serious flack about this but feel I must make decisions for the fiscal health of the event. If by chance we get 20+ riders up to July 20th, we change it back to $3000.
Deirdre Moynihan

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Still two weeks to go, but

Might have over estimated number of Women racers. Don't ever see it topping 20 riders. If it goes over 10, that would be an improvement. Just not that many 1-2 women to market it too.
SW Pro-1-2 Numbers over the last few years.
2010 - 12
2011 - 10
2012 - 6
2013 - 6

I have seen this with Bannock

I have seen this with Bannock. In the past they have had very large purses for the P12 Women and the number of entries did not justify the amount of the purse. We women always complain about the lack of prize money in the P12 categories and when a promotor steps up like they did for Mt. Evans, we don't show up.

We either need to start participating in numbers that justify our demands for higher purses or we need to stop complaining.

Purse should always be some

Purse should always be some fixed amount plus some fixed % per entry for EVERY pro category

Something like $500 + 10%/entry*number of riders in that category.

This is the MOST fair payout system for all categories plus in encourages current riders to recruit more racers.