Movin' On UP

Shelby Katz has raced for fun and competition since she was a child. In 2003, she started racing road triathlons (her gateway drug). From there it was time trials, mountain bike racing and off-road triathlons. In 2011 she tried her first cross race and fell in love. This season she decided that she was no longer a beginner and it was time to do something about it. And when this full-time Boulder attorney puts her mind to something, she accomplishes it. "My father raised me to be kind and generous, giving of my time and energy. He passed in 2012 and I try to live up to who he was and what he expected of me... in his memory." Over the weekend, Shelby became a Cat 3.

From Shelby's recent blog, "It was never about the podium."

But it was never about the podium. At least not for me. I was asked today, why didn't I wait to upgrade to CAT 3 for after States, race States at CAT 4 and get a guaranteed podium. But that's not really right. There are almost 40 women in the CAT 4 and each of those women are fighting to learn CX and fighting to feel the joy of working hard and standing on that podium. If I were to stay there, that might keep them from reaching their goals. I've met my goal, it's someone else's turn. Why shouldn't I relish some time on the podium… I just don't see it the same way. This sport is amazing and I want more women to race. I think one of the ways to do that is to share in the "spotlight" so to speak.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how it's done. This is how we get more people to love/stick with this sport. Take the leap to better yourself by racing with better, faster people. Open a slot up for someone else. Congratulations, Shelby. Way to move it on up.

To read Shelby's entire post, click on "The Dirtier, The Better." Shelby still races mountain bikes and a few off road triathlons a year, but her main focus is CX.

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Way to go, Shelby

How many racers when battling an opponent for the last podium spot offers the other racer ( my wife) to ""sit on"? True sportsmanship! Shelby! You may not find the Cat 3's to be so nice. I know many of the Cat 4 women will miss you!

Most people very close to

Most people very close to upgrading either don't race or race up a cat in the weeks before states. At States they race the cat they have been in all season so they can get on the podium. This essentially happens every year in the men's masters 3s and 4s. I'm not sure these racers realize a state championship podium in a non-open, jr cat is a less respectable goal than upgrading.