Mountain States Bike! Bike! Event

From Community Cycles
"BOULDER—Community Cycles, a nonprofit bicycle advocacy organization, announces it will coordinate and host the Mountain States Bike! Bike! Conference March 19 through March 21 in Boulder. Nonprofit advocacy, collectives and community bike organizations have been invited to attend this event, which will offer a wide range of workshops, social events and more to help groups better serve their intended communities by sharing best practices.

Workshops will be delivered by the leadership team at Community Cycles, bike advocates, transportation planners, and others from the region who are involved in bike-related issues. The Mountain States Bike! Bike! Conference is being held to help regional groups that might not be able to attend the annual international gathering, called Bike! Bike!, due to travel and cost. “Because we are all trying to do the same thing, which is to promote a positive culture of cycling, it is important we keep communicating and sharing our successes with each other,” said Josh Brown, development director, Community Cycles.

The conference is open to any bike project or organization at no cost. Community Cycles seeks support from locals and organizations on many levels to make this a successful event, including:
Volunteers to help run conference activities
Presenters who can discuss specific bike-related issues
Donations for a fundraiser auction
Hosts for housing and/or food for participants coming to town
Use of a digital projector for presentations for the weekend

The specific location for the conference has not been finalized. For questions on the conference or to offer to volunteer, present, donate items for the auction or to help in any way, contact Josh Brown at or

To learn more about Community Cycles, visit "