Morgul Bismark Resurrected over Memorial Weekend

The Morgul Bismark race returns to Colorado! This May over memorial weekend the Morgul Bismark course will come alive with professional bike racing with $20,000 of prize money on the line! The map of the Morgul Bismark course has been published so get out there and start riding it, especially the famous Wall.

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Not only will this be a return of a great race this race which will really be 3 events total, Street Sprints on Friday, Criterium on Saturday and Sunday's the grand finish with the Morgul Bismark Road Race. The race will be one big street party with bands, food, moives and more.

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I would LOVE for this race to happen, but the article says they need $230,000 from sponsors. That's a hefty chunk for a local race, but I wish the event organizers well in getting it done! Who wouldn't want to once again feel the burn climbing up "The Wall" in full race mode.

Others want to fill him in?

You can start by watching the movie American Flyers or buying 3 DVD pack,

In short this course was part of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic which during that time was the biggest bike race in America and probably north america as well. The new course will not be the same as the old course largely because I believe that course ran on Hwy 36. This was a pro only but this will be a cat 1-4 and as has been reported this course will have the "wall" which is a long steep grade section. Anyone know the grade and its distance?

Morgul History

The old course didn't run on 36. It started at the top of "The Wall", which was at the intersection of McCaslin and CO Hwy 128. The race was 7 laps of the 13.2 mile circuit, later expanded to 8 as the racer quality improved and challenges were increased. From the start it rolled east on Hwy 128 to Hwy 93 (the feed zone was along this section), then north on 93 and down to the stoplight at Eldorado Springs (this is where the bike crash was filmed for American Flyers). From there it dropped into Marshall and back on Marshall Road to Superior which was just a little town. No big housing development, no shopping center, no traffic. Leaving Superior it turned south on McCaslin and first climbed "The Hump" and then "The Wall". The Wall is not as fearsome for recreational riding, about 10%. But when you race over it 8 times, often in the dry hot air, and you have to sprint to the finish, that's a different story.

Morgul Bismark history

The original Morgul Bismark course was created in about 1973 when Macaslin Blvd was paved from Marshall Road to highway 128. The course was designed by Joe Leiper and was named after his cat, Morgul, and his business partner, Al Hubbard’s dog, Bismark. Morgul the cat was named after the character referred to on the television program “Laugh In”. At the beginning of the show Gary Owens would announce, “and Morgul as the Friendly Drelb.”

The course start/finish was originally on Marshall Road just west of Superior. What is now called the hump was originally named the wall and the hill at the top where Macaslin joins 128 was called the Great Chingas. This name was created by a racer of the time named Clark Ross (son of the owner of the Ross Hardware bike shop in Denver). He actually had a bike bell on his handle bars and when the pack would hit the bottom of the hill, he would ring his bell and announce “Going up!”

When the course was put into the Red Zinger, the start/finish was moved to the top of the hill where Macaslin joins 128.
This is the true story behind the course - I'm Joe Leiper



Do you know the whereabouts of Clark Ross? I used to race with him in the early 1970s. I actually won the 1972 State Championships on the Morgul-Bismark course.

Should be a great race, but

Should be a great race, but unfortunately too rich for my blood. I was going to register today for the omnium and noticed I missed the (extended) deadline. Argh. I understand promoters gave plenty of time and need to set deadlines so they cover their costs, but $140 is a lot. Bummer.