Moots Featured in Wired Magazine

Moots is featured in Wired Magazine. Here is a portion of the article.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colorado — Three things cross my mind as I chase Rob Mitchell up the single-track known as the Emerald Mountain Trail that overlooks this gorgeous mountain town.

First, the air is thin, and I am not. I should have stuck to my training plan and diet. Second, wolfing down that gargantuan burger at the Double Z BBQ joint before the ride was a really bad idea. Finally, you would think someone with the title “company president” would spend a lot more time behind his desk and a lot less time messing around in the dirt.

After spending the better part of the morning touring high-end bike manufacturer Moots, I am attempting to gulp enough oxygen to survive this ascent, while Mitchell continues our conversation in his relaxed, soft-spoken demeanor. My gasping makes it clear I am no longer interested in hearing about his company and its obsession with titanium in a carbon-mad industry, and he rides away from me as if I am tied to one of the beautiful aspens.

Mitchell personifies Moots: His riding style and personality are just like the smooth, supple ride of a titanium bike. He and the gang at Moots, which was founded here in 1981, have just returned from the bike show slog and by all the important benchmarks are doing well heading into 2013. This is both exciting and surprising, given that during my extensive tour of the factory I didn’t see much of the material that has become de rigueur in the bike biz these days: carbon fiber.

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