Gene Palumbo - Wins Master's World Championships

We have had multiple people contact us about the following story and we just got around to posting it. Congratulations Gene! I was on the same team with Gene for a few years and during my end tenure with the team Gene became very dedicated to the TT event and obviously the attention to the event has paid off! Gene placed 4th in the master's nationals in Louisville, KY.

Photo Credit: Boulder Velo Racing
Last week, Mix1's Gene Palumbo won the Master's World Championship in the 50 to 55 age category. A proud moment for those in Colorado and the USA. Earlier this year, Gene placed 4th in the master's nationals in Louisville, KY.

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Way to go mix1 masters rider

Way to go mix1 masters rider Geno. Super impressive. Gene was undefeated in TT's this year in CO (Cherry Creek, Haystack TT & TTT) until he got taken out by a rec rider at the last Cherry Creek at full speed. It took him a while to come back up to speed through the State TT and Masters Nats. Clearly he got it back up to speed!

My Bro - World Champion!

I'm so proud of my brother! All the dedication and training paid off. I can't think of a better way to ring in his 50th Bday which was in August. It is an amazing accomplishment beating guys who have been racing their entire lives, including an Olympic champion. Our Mother was in Austria to witness this achievement and she's beside herself with pride and joy. I just wish I had been there to witness one of the greatest moments in his life. I love you bro!