New trail in Superior -- Mayhoffer to Coalton Road

Map of Superior side of new trail

In the last year I have discovered some of the great trails that sit south of Boulder, Dowdy Draw, Mayhoffer-Singletree Trail and High plains Greenbelt. These trails are awesome for those rides where you just want to escape and let your brain melt away, not like ones like Hall or Walker Ranch where you have to stay "on" nearly every moment. Now coming in Spring of 2011 Boulder County Openspace will be opening another trail, one that will connect Mayhoffer to Coalton Road. This means you can nearly ride from Layafette all the way to the flatirons on trails!

This new trail will open up some large beautiful loops in Boulder County's trail system. Learn more about the future Mayhoffer to Coalton Road connector

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Mayhoffer to Coalton Road connector

I live here in Superior and use the new trail(s) all the time. You can actually pull a fun loop on the CX rig and avoid too much asphalt which is awesome! Perfect for training. Its definitely mellow, but I dont think anyone cares about that. I noticed a ton of beginners on the trail which was really cool. Kids, parents, racer-types, and weekend warriors alike. That means my tax dollars are being utilized for thre trails I voted for... nice.