Master Cyclist busted for steriod use

Doping sucks and seeing pros do it is depressing, that is a big reason why 303cycling exist which is I've lost interest in the pros and focus on my peers, Colorado cyclist... but we are clean... right?

Recently Master cyclist Kenny Williams tested positive for steriod use! This sucks not only because this guy is a Master rider but he has also beat out other Colorado Master riders. He beat Nico Toutenhoofd by 1 second in Master Nationals in WA... Nico got 4th, then he beat local Kevin Nicol in the Master National Pursuit putting Kevin in 4th.

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He apparently took the steriods to recover from a broken collerbone... I guess that entitles him... He did make a statement to the bust..

"I am ashamed that I’ve done something that hurts the sport of cycling and the community of people who have become the most important part of my life. I’m facing the very real possibility that I can try for the rest of my life to regain the confidence of the cycling community and my friends, but this cloud will be with me for the rest of my life," Williams said in a statement.

#MasterCycling Failed!

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"Anyone who needs to cheat

"Anyone who needs to cheat to beat out his friends has got major ego problems and I'm sure it extends beyond his hobbies and into other parts of his life."

This is my thought as well. You think humiliation and public flogging (like he’s getting here) would be enough to dissuade people from doing this. Does this guy have kids? I bet some of his peers do, so what do you say to them? It's pathetic.


What a loser. This guy has been at a top level for a long time (maybe doped the whole time?). What does it say about a guy like that, who is so insecure that he needs to dope for a freaking master 40 plus track race? He is a joke. It is not like he was tryign to dope, to get a Pro Tour contract and make $250,000/year instead of working on the farm. This tool is such a loser he could not even handle not doing well for 1 year, becuase of an injury.

life has it's ups and down, be a man and deal with them. You learn more in defeat about yourself, then in cheating to win.

I hope he gets a lift time ban. Cheating in masters racing..............

What a Joke!

Amature cyclists bring lame, douchbaggery to extreems...but this takes the cake. There isn't a word strong enough to descibe the level of idiocy this guy brought it to. YOU'RE AN AMATURE! LIVE WITH IT!

I definitely feel that it

I definitely feel that it was wrong for him to take an illegal performance enhancer, DHEA. The good side is that he owned up to it, and he is sorry. As for Tyler Hamilton (DHEA also), Floyd Landis, etc., etc. They gained even more ($, Fame) than him, impacted others negatively even more (their competitors, race promotors, sponsors), and what do we think of them? I applaud this guy for coming clean, even if it was after he got caught! As for those professionals . . .

master cyclist "doping" on DHEA

DHEA doesn't have any significant competitive advantage, either. It's a prohormone that doesn't really do anything.

"[A] randomized placebo-controlled trial found that DHEA supplementation had no (statistically significant) effect on lean body mass, strength, or testosterone levels."

"In practice, there is currently no scientific reason to prescribe DHEA for any purpose whatsoever."

"Because DHEA must first be converted to androstenedione and then to testosterone in men, it has two chances to aromatize into estrogen - estrone from androstenedione, and estradiol from testosterone. As such, it is possible that supplementation with DHEA could increase estrogen levels more than testosterone levels in men."

This drug would not do anything to help the racer's collarbone to heal, nor help him to go fast in track cycling. So it was a really dumb way to dope.

With Tyler Hamilton, I believe that Tyler really did not know that he took a supplement containing DHEA, because
everyone on U.S. Postal Team, including Tyler, was doped with the REAL hardcore stuff like EPO. Technical mistake, Tyler would know well enough that there is no performance-enhancing benefit to DHEA, so he didn't take it intentionally for that supposed purpose.