Lyons to Boulder Trail Heating Up

We have talked about the Lyons to Boulder Trail quite a bit on 303cycling. The Daily Camera gave an update 9/4/2009. I was under the impression that it was mainly the Northern Water Conservancy District that was the hold up but it is also the homeowners near the trail. From the article

The Lyons to Boulder Trail has created controversy this year as the county has begun to narrow down where the trail would actually go. A group of area homeowners, calling themselves the No Trail Alliance, have been fighting all proposed alignments.

"The announcement by the (Northern Water Conservancy District board) at yesterday's meeting was certainly good news and not totally expected for those of us that actually border the canal," Toby Bramble, a leading force in the No Trail Alliance, said Friday. "We are temporarily relieved."

I was out in that area today and the homeowners are definitely out in force. I Saw these two signs and many more.

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