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The traditional start of the summer season, Memorial Day Weekend, is just around the corner and 303Cycling caught up with one person who is looking out for your beginning of summer fun. Dave of Redstone Cyclery and the 2010 Lyons Fat Tire Festival. We asked him a few questions and here are his answers:

[303Cycling] Tell us a little bit about the Lyons Fat Tire Festival.
[Dave] Well, it started 10 years ago as a housewarming party. We figured Memorial Day weekend would allow our far away friends a long weekend to visit. I had discovered some great riding west of here and wanted to share it with some good friends. Our first big ride had about 15 riders and we (very much tongue in cheek) dubbed it "The Lyons Fat Tire Festival".

It's grown over the last several years. Last year, we tried to blow it up a little bit, but for this year's festival, we're reigning it back in. Rather than trying to have something for everyone even though that was fun, we're focusing on our core audience. Those who want to get outside of Hall and Heil Ranch for some great forest riding. There are a lot of jeep roads, LOTS of climbing, most of it steep, and some really challenging and technical singletrack.

I really want to show that this isn't a commercial exploitation. I just want folks to get up into the hills for some really good front range back country riding. To that end, the shop will probably be closed on Saturday so I can lead a ride :) The riding opportunities around here are amazing - it's why we moved here. If you're a backcountry junkie, Lyons is a great place to catapult from. There is a also a lot of really amazing riding that won't be thawed out by Memorial Day weekend, but we'll be doing one big (7-9 hrs) ride per month from here on out as well.

For this years fest, we'll have 3 rides ranging from moderately difficult to long and hard, to downright masochistic. On our big, big ride, my goal is to have at least one person cursing my name. That hasn't happened for the last few years, so I'm really stepping it up for this one. The point to point ride is pretty chill but will still be around 3 or 4 hours. Average finish time on the 'medium' ride is still a solid 6+ hours. The longest ride will probably be 7-8 hours long and will involve a couple of real character building hike a bikes.

Since most folks are unfamiliar with the terrain up here, our rides tend to be ridden as a group and more like a fast paced tour than anything else. A lot of opportunities exist to get hurt or lost riding solo. Backcountry smarts are definitely recommended when coming out.

Sunday is a little different this year. They have usually been pretty chill mostly due to Saturday's post ride activities. This year, we'll be having bike polo and general play time at the Lyons Bike Park, both in Bohn Park. We'll get that started around 11 am.

We also tend to shoot from the hip, so be prepared for that. This isn't a big budget, big staff event. It's just me and some friends that want to have a good time riding. We're doing a handful of rides and throwing a couple of parties. It'll be a pretty laid back good time.

[303Cycling] When? Where? How Much?

When: Friday 5/28, Sat 5/29, Sun 5/30
Where: Lyons, CO
How Much: $5/head for movie night. Race Across the Sky will be shown in the Oskar Blues Lyons brewery. It should be interesting. We'll see what we can do about subsidizing the cost of the beer but it hasn't been worked out yet. Bring $$ for beer :) Saturday Rides are a $20/rider recommended donation to BMA. We'll have a bucket for them.

[303Cycling] Is there are a schedule for the weekend activities?

Friday 5/28 7PM Race Across the Sky showing at Oscar Blues in Lyons (see above question).

Saturday 5/29 Group rides, meetup at the shop at 7:30am. All rides will involve car time. One ride will be a point to point so shuttle activity will have to be coordinated as well. Please consolidate cars as much as possible.

All rides start at Redstone Cyclery (138 Main St). Please park across the street on Railroad Ave or at the Black Bear Hole across from the Black Bear Inn. Thanks!

  • Saturday All Dayer B ride- Point to Point Ride
  • Dave's uber deathmarch/All Dayer A ride
  • Point to Point ride

Party at Dave's house just like old times. Directions will be available at the shop in the AM.

Sunday 5/30

  • Bike polo and more fun at the bike park in town.

[303Cycling] Anything else you want to tell us about the Fat Tire Festival?
[Dave] Have fun, relax, ride bikes. That cover it?

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