Looking to Improve your Racing

I saw the below on Craigslist and didn't know what to think. Fake? Real? We just had another story about the testosterone cream wrapper found at the Boulder Reservoir. Is doping in amateur cycling prevalent?

Looking to improve your racing? I want to hear about it (Boulder, vail)

Date: 2010-10-08, 8:33AM MDT
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Hey there all you amateur-semi pro cyclists. Pro cyclists are not included in this offer.

I am a media professional looking to run an exhaustive story on the true real world effects of doping in cycling. Mountain, road and cyclocross racers are all invited to consider this. I am willing to provide all the "supplements" needed, plus a small stipend that can be put toward travel and\or race entry fees.

I can provide references that will attest to my professionalism and complete confidence. No names will ever be published. Comprehensive binding agreements and releases of liability will also be provided.

Safety will be paramount, and no substances will be provided that have not already demonstrated, in a real world setting, reasonable non-risk to user and proven beneficial performance enhancing.

Trials for accepted candidate (s) should start next spring and run the course of the year.

Please feel free to inquire with any and all questions.

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