Living the Ride - a night with 7-11 and BMC

Cycling Soul announced last night one of their big events planned in 2012 and that is the Living the Ride August 26 at the Grand Hyatt. It will be an evening with Jim Ochowicz and many of the former 7-11 Team including Davis Phinney and the BMC team including Davis's son Taylor. This will be a rare opportunity to meet Davis and his team at the same venue has Taylor and his team. Jim will also be signing his book, Team 7-Eleven. There will be a panel like discussion, drinks and a 4 course meal prepared by Top Chef, Hosea Rosenberg. Tickets go on sale this Saturday and the cost is $250. This event is expected to sell out and while some may feel the price is high I too strongly believe it will sell out quickly.

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Not only put your name on it, but why don't you back up that claim with at least a single bit of information as to what you are talking about? I am curious how a team manager can have a conflict of interest in anything.

That video is awesome!!!!

This video just brought me back to the '80s. Good times. Tempo changes during the video really made it pop for me. I do like the 4 man team bunny hop at :35 seconds in. Makes me want to get on my bike and "Hammer it out". Did anyone else notice Ralph Macchio's( The Karate Kid) cameo appearance in the video?