Lee Likes Bikes and I Like Lee And Bikes Too

Lee McCormack (Photo Credit: 303Photo)

I should be showering and getting into my normal position by now. I like to be HBT (horizontal by ten) but when you spend five hours on the bike and you have three kids and you have to eat, well the HBT doesn’t always work. Plus I’m a little excited about something.

I did a bike clinic today. Me and five of my fav girls met Lee McCormack from Lee Likes Bikes at Valmont Bike Park. We arranged for a three hour clinic. I had met Lee before so I knew what was going to happen; he was going to rock each one of our worlds. I wasn’t sure how but I just had a feeling that each one of us would leave the bike park looking at things a bit differently. And I was right.

Lee is one of those guys that knows what he’s talking about and he gives you the information you need without being judgy or impatient. It’s like for those three hours each one of us was his best friend. He has this quality of teaching with so much excitement that you feel like it is his first time. But you know it isn’t. He’s too good. We started out on pavement working on our balance and moving into using our feet as our core position. Then we worked on braking and cornering and in between all of that Lee talked about using the bikes to do what they already know how to do. How to work with the bike and not against it and how to ride rad and stay on the bike. Versus over your bars. And for us six girls with 16 kids between us staying in one piece and having the best time doing the thing we love is the goal. And oh yah, to be rad and to shred too.

Author: Cheri Felix (Photo Credit: 303Photo)

Lee breaks it down so that by the time you get to the dirt, to the pump track you start to see that every step he showed us, every little simple yet profound step is what makes us better on the pump track, on a ride at Hall Ranch, in a race.

For those of you who think you don’t need a clinic or think you aren’t good enough or are too good, I’d challenge you on that. I thought I knew. I’ve been riding for a long time. I feel sort of cool some times. Not fast (except on downhill) but sort of cool. But remember how butter was bad and margarine was good and then butter was good again. And eggs. And how babies used to sleep on their stomachs and now they tell us to put them on their backs? My point is that things change. Things get better. We learn and we improve and we better ourselves. And a bike clinic with Lee McCormack will help you get there.

I’ve always tried to be honest with you. And tonight is no exception. Lee is great and he brings his A-game to his clinics. Something shifted out there for each of us. I watched a friend do something I never thought I’d see her do. Something that was way out of her comfort and skill zone at 10 a.m. But by 12:55 something switched and she got (even more) rad. And that was worth the price of admission.

Here’s how you do it. Go to Lee’s website www.leelikesbikes.com Email him and sign up. It’s not hard. I know you want me to relay everything I learned but I can’t. I’m still marveling in it all. Plus I’m not Lee and you’d be short changing yourself if you thought you could learn it all from an article. Get at it and let me know how it goes.

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