Larimer County Sheriff in 2010

It looks like the Ft. Colins cycling community is getting organized to defeat Sheriff Alderden in 2010. The follow information went out in an email:

We are building momentum to defeat the current Sheriff in the 2010 election as he is a bit of a creep. Here is the first of many blows. Please forward this out.

From Ford Isbey (rebel rouser)
He sent the following (below) letter to Bicycle Colorado

You guys should each have addresses of more cyclists or folks who support cycling....which I will not have in this distribution. Please forward the Bicycle Colorado alerts and any other information you like to rally AS MANY PEOPLE as possible. If contacting each of our State Senators is the next move....a deluge of emails will speak loudly. EVERYONE needs to step up and put some effort into this and be a huge counter-punch to the Sheriff and others opposing our enjoyment of a sport we're passionate about. If any of your contacts are interested in receiving these updates please forward their addresses and they'll be added.



Here is the letter that was sent to Bicycle Colorado:

Dear BC,

What is the next step for a call to action to the Fort Collins cycling
community and Larimer County cycling residents.... since thankfully the
Senate did not concur with the House Amendments.

It's incredulous...since bicycles have to obey the same laws as motorists that with the current language, basically cyclists could not pass one another on state roads. Begs the question what are Dan Grunig, Governor Ritter and other cyclists going to do when we/they approach a significantly slower rider....on some 10 mile stretch of road ?....park yourself behind their wheel and suffer the's an easy point to comprehend that the amendment is utter nonsense. It's obvious it's inclusion is politically motivated.

Sheriff Alderden and the truckers association have been very active in
trying to "diminish, impair or kill cycling" in Larimer County. In
my opinion....he'd like to seriously curtail the number of cyclists on the roads....perhaps even drive them off the roads completely. I have written at length to representatives in and outside my district...with industry statistics...supported by my 5 years of industry experience and involvement.

I'd appreciate an update ASAP. We have a ground roots voter database underway...well in advance of the 2010 Sheriff's election...if there is a candidate to run against Alderden we will do everything we can financially and technologically to defeat him and have him voted out of office.


Ford Isbey

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defeat the sheriff!

I fully support the effort to defeat sheriff Alderden in the 2010 election. Not so ironically, I am a Boulder county resident. While I believe that the sheriff's aggressive and very public language against cyclists is unprofessional and grounds for change, I encourage all who oppose Sheriff Alderden to present the many other reasons that he should not remain sheriff. A well rounded argument will encourage both cyclists and non-cyclists to vote him out. (Based on what I've read about the man, cyclists aren't the only group of people that may be frustrated with his actions/attitude) I wish the Fort Collins Cycling Community, and the citizens of Larimer County the best of luck in electing a sheriff who appreciates the need for professionalism and a non-inflammatory approach to law enforcement.