High-Fiving and Fist Pumping! Ladies Night at Peak Cycles was a WIN!

Big and little bike shops across the nation are finally starting to catch on to the "Ladies Night" trend. If you host it, they will come. And they will bring their friends, girlfriends, sisters and mothers. But these can be more than just wine and raffles. Some intelligent shops are maximizing these ladies nights to kick off future clinics and group rides--thereby empowering and connecting women. Shops like Peak Cycles of Golden.

From the Peak Cycles blog, via Julie Urlaub.
"Good times were had this past Monday evening at Peak Cycles Bicycle Shop! Women filled the shop to enjoy a fun and relaxing evening while making friends with new riding buddies, shopping for the new cold weather cycling apparel, and talking about our favorite subject – Bikes! We’d like to thank all of our lady cyclist for making the evening a great success.

In case you missed it, here’s what went down!

  • Stacy from Specialized talked with us about how bike fit is important. Specialized Bikes focuses on comfort for their riders and use body geometry to design their bike parts, saddles and accessories (even gloves). Good to know!
  • Next, George Mullen shared with us why a bike fit is so important. With so many different approaches to bike fits, George shared how his goal is to connect people to the bike – not fit the bike to the person! Comfort rules! And, George’s vast experience and approachable nature made it super easy to ask questions. You can get your bike fit questions answered too. In fact, this time of a year is a great time to do a fit consult.
  • Finally, the evening wouldn’t have been complete without bling! Which road bike caught our eye? The Specialized Ruby – a great road bike. What made it so great? It’s a comfortable ride and a comfortable fit.

A huge shout out to Shimano, Specialized, Endura, and POC for the goodies, raffles, and support. And, tons of cowbell cheer to our Ladies for joining us! Sipping wine, talking bike parts, and making new riding buddies – what more could you want on a Monday night? So, don’t miss the next one! Like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and stay connected on Google+."

*Need a visual fix? Check out Peak's photo gallery on Facebook to get a glimpse of this event and more.

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Gender Identity seems to be

Gender Identity seems to be such a bigger deal to women than it is to men. Men are like mhhhh (too many endorphins). But women are different. They NEED their own writers, their own shopping days, their own races. If men have these things, it creates lots of crying. Remember the protest of the men's race to Vail a few years ago? The threatened sponsors when Boulder Roubaix tried to go gender neutral for its cats (even though women often race in men's cats today)? Imagine the uproar if there had been a protest at this shopping event. Heck, I'm sure that someone will reply to this with many accusations but little substance.