Kristin Weber - Cyclocross Nationals and Worlds

With Cyclocross Nationals and Masters Worlds right around the corner, I wanted to catch up with a local rider who will be competing in both events. Instead of the usual suspects, Brandon or Pete, I reached out to somewhat of a newcomer to the sport. Kristin Weber is a member of the Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassador Team and has been racing Cyclocross for a couple of years now.

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[303Cycling] When did you start to race cyclocross?
[Kristin] I got into cyclocross at the tail end of the 2009/10 season. I had been watching and supporting Dave for a couple of years and after having three kids decided it might be fun to race again. I thought this sport is so family friendly and it combines all the things I do, running, mtn biking, and road riding. So he lobbed an email to his team at the time and got me a $250 Surly, that weighed a ton, and had down-tube shifters. I did one race on it with the shifters and after nearly killing myself trying to shift while racing he got me some proper shifters. I did 3-4 races that season and really got hooked.

[303Cycling] You had a great year last year wining the Womens 35 Open race at the Colorado State Championships. Were you surprised at how well you did last season?
[Kristin] Well thanks! I appreciate that very much. I credit last year's success with a set of good mountain biking skills, a general base of fitness, a supportive husband and family, and a re-awakened competitive spirit. It was super fun to launch my first real season with some successes. I just love cross, I love the culture, the people, the dirt, the near heart attack that is every race. Although I am still mastering all the skills related to the sport, I feel like it is the sport for me on so many levels. I love bikes, I love people who ride bikes and I love to race. It's so challenging on many levels and like golf, there are micro refinements that you can learn from one race and take to another.

[303Cycling] This year you raced in the Womens Open category. Was it a big adjustment?
[Kristin] This year wasn't a huge adjustment for me because I was well aware of the calibre of competition I would be racing against and prepared for it. Last January, I gave myself a gift and hired a coach. Ann Trombley. She has been a long time friend of mine since our stint as Luna Mtn Bike Ambassadors, so I knew she understood me as a person. So I asked her to help me. My goals were focused and relatively on target as it turns out.

It was my first year of training seriously for anything in my life. I have never been a "trainer". I have always ridden for the joy of riding. I have dabbled in racing various sports, a little road, a little mtb, a lot of team running races, etc. but nothing serious. Giving myself one year to really do something with my racing became a big focus of mine. It really helped having a coach and I think I have done pretty well. I had to do some “racing into fitness” after a bunch of summer travel, but my end goal has always been Nats and Worlds.

[303Cycling] You are racing both Nationals and Worlds. Has it been difficult to stay focused on racing/training during the holidays? What are your goals for both?
[Kristin] I am pretty fired up about going to nats and worlds, so my motivation is high right now. For me this time of year is good for training (barring the occasional and inevitable sickness) because my work load is mellower, whereas in October and November I was slammed with work, trying to train and be a mom. That was hard. Having never raced either of these races, I am not sure how it will go. I do well on certain types of courses and not as well on others. I would say I am gunning for a top 5 in my age group. I know one of the other ladies, Kristal Boni, both a friend and person I have raced against, and she will be right up there. I just hope one of the Colorado contingents brings it home. Fingers crossed, fast legs. My dad is coming out to watch that race, he was my good luck charm at States last year when I won in a nail biter.

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Congratulations Kristin!

The Masters Worlds results look like a second US Nats.

Are US Masters that much better than the rest of the world or did the rest of the world not come?

I don't see many other countries in the results.

Based on the results, it look

Based on the results, it look like most of the fields are 95% or more as USA riders. The 30-34 mens field only had 29 starters. Perhaps age group racing is more important to those in the USA? Hard to say since it's a long and expensive trip for anyone from europe to come here.

face it

Masters Worlds = Nationals 2.0

Let's not kid ourselves into thinking the winners are the best in the world, just the best who could afford to travel to KY. If you think the economy is bad here, it's worse in Europe and the typical Euro-masters rider couldn't afford to make the trip even if they wanted to.