Kickstarter - KH2 by Kappius Components

Kappius Components is the child of many frustrations on the bike and with bike products over the years. After putting up with poor quality products for so long, Rus Kappius decided that he was done settling. This lead to the production of the KH1, Kappius Component's first product. This hub has many features which we have included in the KH2 as well. These features include:

- Wide bearing placement: creating a stiffer wheel which is extremely desirable for any cyclist.

- 240 points of engagement: to put it simply- your bike goes when you peddle. It gets rid of that lag time giving you the flexibility to endure more technical sections without having to unclip. Not to mention it makes riding way more fun.

- Easy maintenance: who doesn't want easy maintenance? You can now open your hub up to maintain it and it won't look like a Swiss watch full of microscopic parts.

- Reliability: bike parts shouldn't be disposable. Kappius Components is here to change the status quo by delivering simple, high quality, reliable bike parts.

Kickstarter - KH2 by Kappius Components

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I'm guessing you've either

I'm guessing you've either never ridden a really good mtb hub, or never ridden a typical mtb hub. If you're working your way through a technical climb, you can really appreciate having minimal lag in hub engagement. Who can feel it? Anyone. Now, whether you NEED it, that's a different discussion all together.

"Warning: this one may cause

"Warning: this one may cause extreme jealousy among friends and peers." and "to make all of your friends jealous. You'll also get a ton of swag to make them all jealous."

Really? Is this a valid selling point?

I find it so weird that a lot of advertising is this so called "JEALOUSY" factor.