Gov Hickenlooper's keynote speech at Colorado Bike Summit

Gov. Hickenlooper provided the attendees of the Colorado Bike Summit with a keynote speech. Key points in his speech include
- Make Colorado the Healthiest state in the Union, not just the thinnest
- Colorado should use other successful cities like Copenhagen as an example of how bike friendly one can be.
- More CDOT attention to bicyclist in all projects.
- Continue to improve the cycling brand that Colorado has.
- Get cities competing between each other for cycling friendly communities. Hickenlooper points out Fort Collins great success.

More analysis and coverage from the Colorado Bike Summit to come later this week.

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Thank you Bicycle Colorado!

I'll say more formally later this week on the Colorado Bike Summit but I want to take the time now to Thank Bicycle Colorado for once again bringing the entire state of Colorado together and create the wonderful cycling event. NO ONE in Colorado brings so many various cycling related people together for the purpose of Colorado bike growth like Bicycle Colorado does with their Annual Bike Summit! Please take a moment and consider returning that support to Bicycle Colorado by being so kind and become one of their members or simply by liking them on Facebook. This year's Colorado Bike summit is easily on target once again to make it one of the 10 ten cycling events for 2012!

Kris Thompson