Taking a Holiday (or Spring Break) in your own back yard.

From Dirt Rag Mag, March 26th.
By Anka Martin, photos by Sven Martin.

We came upon this video from Dirt Rag Magazine titled, "Juliana Bicycles’ backcountry New Zealand adventure". It reminded us that sometimes the best vacations with your bike are in your own backyard. Here are some great quotes that got us excited to re-explore Colorado by bike this Spring. Helicopter optional.

"Four friends and myself we wanted to go on a little adventure..."
"We really just wanted to stay in our backyard and experience what it had to offer."
"It's freedom."
"No cell phone signal."
"Just your bike and the trail and what you have to do."
"We really jam-packed all the good stuff into a couple of days."

*Makes you wonder, "What could I jam-pack into my next couple of days?

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