Injinji Socks and GU Chomps Review

It’s product review time! I just love getting a package with socks and energy chews in it. It’s like Christmas and a birthday all rolled into one minus the shopping and the getting older. But before I tell you about the Injinji Performance Toesocks and GU Chomps I thought I’d pull back the curtain on what it means to review a product.

A good friend of mine who knows way more than I do about the outdoor industry once said, “Don’t ever review something that doesn’t have a redeemable quality.” Translation: Don’t take crap product for free and write BS about it. When a product lands on my door I put some time into it. If it’s clothes I usually wear it for at least 24 hours. That means bike shorts and jerseys and toe socks (a chamois usually gets a long day after a ride). I wash the clothes and dry them for way too long and then stuff them unfolded into the drawer and expect them to perform for me when I need them. I treat them like I expect most of us treat our clothes. I don’t lie and I don’t withhold. I try to tell it straight and I’ve got to be honest I really don’t ask for products that I don’t already love or have a crush on.

This time was different. I had never heard of Injinji and at first glance I thought, “Hmm…these look like gloves for my feet.” But I put them on and slept in them, wore them to run in and wore them with my boots (they are crew style) and I wore them out on the trail. I like them a lot. My toes felt cozy. And after the initial shock of thinking that my feet had been replaced by my hands I totally forgot that they were toe socks. I think that given the opportunity they would also be a blister preventer (you heard that term here first). I also tried the Compression Ex-Celerator 2.0 toesocks. I wore them for spinning and for a run and found them to be very comfortable and I think I looked cute in them. The socks also have padding in all the right spots to give your feet more support (think metatarsal and arch). They are breathable and have the graduated compression you’d expect. The only thing I can say about toe socks is that you’ve got to spend a few extra seconds getting them on your little piggies. Small price to pay for the comfort you will get!

And then there are the GU Chomps. GU Chomps are energy chews. They saved me. When I get really hungry I can’t make decisions and can barely talk (not hypoglycemic) (just crankycemic). As I opened the bag I wanted the Chomps to taste good. I needed them to. And they did. I tried the Lemon flavor and I really liked it. Let’s face it not all recovery snacks are tasty nor do they do their job but the Chomps punched the clock when I needed them to. As long as you hydrate, one pack of chews should fuel you for at least 1 ½ hours of trail time. Being crankycemic isn’t the end of the world at the gym but take indecision and hunger and place it in the middle of longest trail in Fruita, Colorado and you could have trouble. The GU Chomps were a great bridge immediately after a workout when food was not an option.
So, whether you review product or not, I wish you well. I hope it’s a great beginning to your spring and a happy ending to your winter. Put some Chomps in your pack and some Injinji socks on your toes and get out and ride your bike!

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