IMBA’S Advocacy Nerd Goes Mtb Racing.

Photo: courtesy of Dirt Divas fb

From Aimee Ross's Blog, June 4th, 2014

As an avid cyclist and bike industry veteran of almost nine years, I’ve never considered myself a “bike racer.” My biggest claim to bicycle racing until recently was the day I married former pro mountain bike world champion Nat Ross. That changed this past weekend when I managed to find myself racing back to back days at two different events in two different cities. What was I thinking? Let me backtrack a bit...

I moved to Colorado in 2012. Living along Colorado’s Front Range means a wealth of opportunities for great riding. Usually I just rode with my husband (we managed), but recently decided that it was time to take advantage of those riding opportunities and find my own group of friends to take my mountain biking skills to the next level.

Enter the Dirt Divas. Within this flourishing social group of women’s mountain bike riders nests a race team. As a requirement of being on that team, you must compete in three races during a single season. That’s easy enough, right?...

*This is just a teaser.

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  • [Editor's note: Aimee, I am still waiting to bike hwy 93 with you from Golden to Boulder for work one of these days...

Photo: courtesy of Dirt Divas fb

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