High Peaks Masters - ACA Cross Call up Policy Proposal

The ACA Annual Meeting is right around the corner. There are a number of interesting proposals and here is one that caught our eye.

High Peaks Masters Cross Call up Policy Proposal

As the representatives for the High Peaks Masters, Team # 168, we would like to propose a revised Cylocross Call-up procedure, integrated into the Colorado Cross Cup points system.

Under current Colorado Cup policy, ONLY Colorado Cross cup races score points and are used in Colorado Cup Races for rider staging (call-ups) This leaves all NON-cup races without a structured call up process, and an inconsistent call up/staging process race to race. To better mirror UCI cyclocross call up procedures, and provide a consistent and predictable call up process at ALL races, while still rewarding Colorado Cup Races, we are proposing a "Dual" Colorado Cup and Season Call up point system

  • ALL races score points for Season Call up standings
  • ONLY Colorado Cup Points races score points for Colorado Cup Standings
  • Colorado Cup races score double points and over slightly more places (rewards Cup race Prestige & competitiveness)
  • Points for season call up standings and Colorado Cup are tracked in 2 separate lists
Place    "Basic" race points      Colorado Cup race points
1                     26                                52
2                     23                                46
3                     21                                42
4                     19                                38
5                     17                                34
6                     15                                30
7                     14                                28
8                     13                                26
9                     12                                24
10                    11                               22
11                    10                               20
12                     9                                18
13                     8                                16
14                     7                                14
15                     6                                12
16                     5                                10
17                     4                                 9
18                     3                                 8
19                     2                                 7
20                     1                                 6
21                     -                                  5
22                     -                                  4
23                     -                                  3
24                     -                                  2
25                     -                                  1
  • ALL races will use the combined call up season standing points to stage riders
  • Colorado Cup points for season competition will ONLY tally Colorado Cup Race points for season awards
  • Races will call up riders throughout the full season call up points list
  • Upgraded riders will be removed from the season call up points lists as riders upgrade


  • UCI Cyclocross staging is consistent at ALL events, and based off UCI Cyclocross points. these points are awarded on a sliding scale, with more points over more places as the race increases in "prestige" or importance.
  • Current ACA Policy has well defined call up procedures for ONLY Colorado Cup Races, leaving non-cup races to promoter & Chief referee "discretion". Now, these races have no rider visibility into what (if any) call up procedures will be used, leading to more confusion and staging crowding at these races.
  • Higher points over 5 more places rewards the "more competitive" and deeper fields a Cup race should provide
  • All races would have more meaning to more riders, as call up position is highly coveted
  • "Deeper" call ups would reduce pressure for "crowding" and "early grid jumping", as riders expect a consistent procedure at all races, and more riders would expect to be called into the grid.
  • Removing upgraded riders from the season call-up points list eliminates calling up upgraded riders week after week, while retaining their Colorado Cup standings that they earned in the lower category

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Attendance contest?

This proposal partially turns call-ups into an attendance contest. If you can gain "call-up" points in every single race, then guys who are getting 10th and doing every race can outscore guys getting top 3 who take a couple of weekends off. I'll admit, I am biased with a very long drive to race, but I don't feel I can support this system without a provision limiting the number of races that can count for "call-up" points.

I like this idea. I also

I like this idea. I also agree with Glen, there needs to be some sort of provision such as "top 10 races". This proposal would have directly affected me this season as I was consistently in the top 10 of my respective category without a call-up until my sixth race. It was frustrating to hear 20+ names from 2009 at staging with only one person stepping up.

I am curious as to how much work this creates for the ACA given (I assume) they would maintain the lists. Also, would races with disparate categorization schemes be included, i.e. Copper Cross, USGP, etc?


High Peaks Masters, thanks for the proposal, I agree that something should be done to improve the call up system for non CCC races, however I don't mind calling CCC races from it's own points list. I also agree with Glen that an attendance contest system doesn't correctly solve the problem.
Personally I like the Crossresults.com points system for grading and think the ACA should use if for Call ups.
The Crossresults.com system uses an average your last 10 results to determine how fast you are. You can read more about it on their site but there are several advantages to their system because it doesn't assign a fixed number of points for a win and work down. Instead for each event they compare the existing point values for the top racers and factor in the total number of racers to assign points to every finisher. Lower points scores are better and your personal score is an average of your last ten scores. It isn't a perfect system but it has several significant positives over our standard x points for first and count down, then total your points for the season to rank, system.
1. The points are relative between categories. The 10th place 35+4 finisher at the Colorado Cross race had 420 points. That's about the same as middle finisher in the 3's on the same day. Using this points system the 35+4 guy could go race with the 3's if he wanted a different competition or different race time and would still get a call up. Further if he moved up permanently he would keep his points and get a reasonable call up every race. (Maybe more people would move out of the 35+4's?)
2 Poorly attended races don't award artificially high points. Some promoters won't like this but I'm a free market guy so....
3. It's an average, not a total so it doesn't favor someone who goes to every event to accumulate points.
4. Everyone who races gets a call up. This seems like a great reward for the guys who never make the top 20 to get a call up point in our current system. Maybe that little carrot will encourage even more people to race CX?
This system would require the entry list be cross referenced against all ACA racers to make a call up list that would be specific to the event. Crossresults.com has provisions for this.
I'm not affiliated with Crossresults.com but think it would be a great solution for call ups for non CCC races.
Here's a link to their version of the Boulder Cup race results: http://www.crossresults.com/race/1431
You'll have to click on "Show points" in one of the Blue bars to see them listed.

i agree on crossresults.com

I agree that crossresults.com deserves some serious consideration. Art listed some of the great benefits and I won't repeat them. Others include: riders from outside Colorado could get an appropriate call-up, thus allowing worthwhile roadtrips for people from NM, WY, UT, etc. The website does the legwork, not ACA. Promoters just need to upload their results in a format like excel. It works from season-to-season, allowing riders to postpone their CX racing if needed for MTB or road, or highcountry singletrack! It was used at some big races this year in New England where it made sense. Check it out.