Brett Richard, Anthony Thornton and Brandon Newcomer are three friends all bound by the same general principles many of us learned as small children:

  • Riding bikes is fun
  • Being outdoors is great
  • Take care of your community
  • Be nice to others

They are taking these principles and turning them into a team. Well, not really a team, as much as a “crew”.

From Brett Richard (the King of high-vis and rocking apparel)

Okay, we are finally all dialed in on the HBSTACHE Crew program. We are tied in with CO companies 92Fifty Cyclery, The Boulder SC and Mad Alchemy. This program will be open to anyone that wants to join up. They get a HAWT kit and some cool deals. We think it is a unique twist on a traditional club program for the unattached racer. We have always had one goal with HBSTACHE Racing and it carries over to the Crew (On the Podium, Mid-Pack or DNF) we are ALWAYS the best dressed at the race.

But all joking aside, this crew believes in more than wardrobe. They believe that cycling is a lifestyle. If you want to race? Great. You can. They will support you. If you want to ride your bike to work? Fantastic. They will support you. If you want to ride your bike with your kids to school and then the grocery store? They will support you (and you’ll be a safer parent because you’ll be dressed in High-vis). The point is, you don’t have to race to love riding a bike. But wouldn’t it be cool to have the team-like feel without a gazillion team-requirements? Not to mention some pretty great team-like perks? Because even when you ride your bike anywhere at any speed, you still need gear. Your stuff still breaks down. And it’s still nice to feel at home in a bike shop. This is also part of the crew.

Mmmm. Mad Alchemy. So toasty. So right.

Check it out:
Supported Rider Program

2014 will see the launch of 92Fifty Cyclery, High Altitude Performance Studio and Training Camp. Kathy, Kyle, and I see no better way to show the 92Fifty love to other cyclists across the country then through a race team made up of fun, supportive and active friends. To be honest, one of the main reasons we started 92Fifty' was to have the ability to operate our own race team. Teams have been a huge part of our lives' happiness and it's something we are very passionate about. We want to create a home for our friends to enjoy this sport together Where the fast can get faster, friends will become tighter, sponsors will be promoted and the MTB community will recognize us for our character, friendliness and hard work. We are pouring our heart and soul into this new venture and so looking forward to sharing in these awesome experiences we will all be a part of together in 2014.
Jonathan Davis

As a part of HBSTACHE Crew, 92Fifty is your home shop. 18% discount. Including orders online...meaning, you DON’T have to live in CO to be a part of the crew! Anthony Thornton says that they already have several HB Crew pockets starting up in LA, Chicago and Wyoming. The passion may started with these 3 here in CO but it won't end here.

*But keep in mind, Coloradoans, the shop is in Black Hawk. That equals super low tax rate. So if you DO happen to make the trip in person, you are looking at a 22% discount. (low whistle)

Does this appeal? If so, better get on the good foot and sign up now. The crew’s roster is open until NOVEMBER 17th. NO LATER. No weeping, no begging, no bribing. Excellence takes time. For these fantastic kits to get on your fantastic bodies by January they are standing firm on this date. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

For more info. click here: HBSTACHE Crew Program

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