Gunnison Growler Video, Photos and Results

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Looking for 2011 Gunnison Growler?

This years 2010 Gunnison Growler was won in the men's field by Kelly Magelky of Golden and in the women's field by Melissa Thomas of Boulder.

I know the Gunnison Growler filled up within a couple of days of registration opening up but here is a video at the start of the race and towards the end of the video a few clips of the single track. All worth watching for sure! The video was taken by Rob O,Dea from a motorcycle.

Looking deeper into the results might lead to a few more interesting questions like Peter Weber return to the dirt or (4th) or the unstoppable Travis Brown (2nd) and the flying Yuki from Japan (6th)

Here is some more video take by Rob. The singletrack looks awesome and I believe in the future this race will fill up even faster.

Growler SingleTrack Sampler - Rob O'Dea from Rob O'Dea on Vimeo.



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