A Unique Client Appreciation Event by Groat & Soucie, LLC

What do cycling and investment management and financial planning have in common? As cyclists, we know that cycling usually means spending rather than saving money!

However, a local business brought them together by providing their clients with a unique appreciation event. Groat & Soucie, LLC, located in Englewood, offered a small group of clients an opportunity to attend a professional bike fitting event.

David Groat and Justin Soucie took some time to answer some questions for 303Cycling.

A little information about Groat & Soucie, LLC

Groat & Soucie, LLC provides investment management and financial planning services to individuals, their families, and businesses.

Their personalized approach allows them to deliver an unparalleled level of service. They also actively manage client portfolios. Groat & Soucie, LLC doesn’t believe their clients should take the same amount of risk in every market environment - sometimes needing to slow down when conditions are not ideal.

Typical Client Appreciation events include a happy hour, dinner, or some other formal event. Tell us about your idea. Why did you go the non-traditional route? Are a lot of your clients cyclists?

Taking the opportunity to share our interests and passions with clients fits within our personalized approach to service. Cycling is an activity we enjoy and can easily invite clients to share in that experience with us. Introducing a professional bike fitting event was a natural extension of educating, adding value, and creating a memorable event.

We do have quite a few clients who are cyclists, so that makes it a fun event as well.

Who was the host and how did you get connected with them?

Jerry Furman is the professional bike fitter we worked with, recognized as one of approximately 100 Specialized Body Geometry Master Fitters in the country. Our connection with him is through his reputation in the cycling community and personal fitting experiences.

How many clients participated?

The studio size limited this unique event to ten clients.

What was the feedback?

Participants really enjoyed the event. They were impressed, appreciative, and picked up a few new tips. The event actually created a little buzz in the community and we started hearing from other cyclists who were sorry they missed it.

Do you hope to do similar events in the future?

Yes. We are always researching unique events that might add value to our clients. Some of our events are more traditional in nature because clients need that information as well. We just finished a Social Security educational event and we have an economic/stock market forecast coming up in August.

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