Gran Fondo Boulder

There has been some talk lately about gran fondos. Levi Leipheimer put on a gran fondo this fall and it was a huge success with over 3,000 participants.

What is a gran fondo?

A Gran Fondo is a celebrated tradition in Italian cycling culture. A Gran Fondo is a long distance, mass-participation cycling event – not a race – that welcomes professional, amateur, and recreational cyclists of all abilities . While not strictly competitive, these rides are timed to ensure cyclists complete the entire course and provide some scoring for quick completion of unique sections of the route.

There are three gran fondos scheduled for Colorado next year. Boulder, Vail and Steamboat are the three locations. I have looked at the routes for the three events and they all look like amazing.

There is even a website. Are gran fondos the next big thing in cycling? It looks like they may become the equivalent to a marathon for runners.

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One of our readers let us know there is a gran fondo starting in Lyons in July. They do not call it a gran fondo but centurion cycling. From their site:

Centurion Cycling is North America’s most exciting, new bike adventure. It’s based on the European concept of gran fondos but with a distinctive twist unique to this side of the Atlantic.

In Europe, you can ride a gran fondo almost every weekend from March through September. They come in all shapes and sizes and attract riders of all abilities. Often, they are named for celebrated cyclists such as Gran Fondo Eddy Merckx, in Belgium, or for famous courses like the Nove Colli, or “nine hills”, in Italy.

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Here ye Anonymous. It

Here ye Anonymous. It appears they are making a good faith effort to support this beautiful sport we all call cycling so it would be nice to keep an open mind. In fact, it looks like they are more than transparent with their Blogger and Twitter updates. Maybe its old blood, maybe its new blood, but our sport has bad blood so cheers to anyone even wanting to get involved in the sport, particularly given the economic climate of sponsorship. I consider myself a roadie so these SuperCorsa events are welcoming, expensive but welcoming. I am telling everyone I know and people are flipping out, think they are great!

Wait Before You Register

History - We have a history of grand ideas about big cycling races in Colorado. A number of Vail/Colorado Stage Race attempts. Big talk about a Tour of Colorado. etc. etc. etc. Lots of talk, but in the end nothing.
a Cross race vs. a large scale Road Race on Major Busy highways is completely different. We had the Boulder to Breck race for a few years. Lost sponsorship and went away. It takes a big sponsor to do a major road race, let alone 3 in one year for a new promoter.

Maybe it will go off, but until they have sponsorship lined up,,,,

*It took a lot of years for Chris G. to build up his cross races to a national level.


Gran Fondo's

It is great that GranFondo's are being offered now across the states. With Gran Fondo San Diego, Philadelphia, and LA covering the big cities. It is exciting to see that in the four corners region we now also have Gran Fondo's coming to Boulder, Steamboat, Vail, Moab, and Taos in the future.
Gran Fondo's are going to be a great addition to the cyclist that does not want to go and do the recreational century or go to the hardcore race and get smoked. They will be the perfect rides for all levels of cyclists that just want to go out and push themselves and see how they stack up at the end.

GranFondoMoab will take place May 1-2, 2010. For more info.go to

Race on Vail Bike Path?

They are going to race on the Vail Bike Path? WTF? Have they ever ridden on it in the summer? It is busy with other riders, runners, hikers. It has a lot of sharp curves. It is narrow.
Race on it? NO WAY!

Finish is on the Bike Path on the West side of town. Again narrow, curvy and busy. No way to race on it.

More you look at thier site, the more you wonder it they are just blowing smoke.

Interesting... So any and

So any and all information on the Cyclosportive N.A. site and posts will be submitted as legally binding documents. I guess everything is 100% correct and will not change before the events or Cyclosportive N.A. could be liable...

$10K Prize list per race guaranteed!

"Ciclosportivo N.A. awards nearly $10,000* in cash to the top-five finishers in each of its SuperCorsa™ Boulder, Steamboat and Vail events. Merchandise awards are also given to the leader within each special classification.

1st - $5,000
2nd - $2,500
3rd - $1,000
4th - $500
5th - $250

GranFondo is a new term for

GranFondo is a new term for many, but RMCC has been out there organizing long, challenging rides as part of the GranFondo experience for years. While they support riders of all abilities, they conduct many 100 mile+ rides that attract powerful cyclists who push the pace at the front well beyond what the average rider/racer can maintain. Check them out at

As for the negative comments on the cost/pedigree/format of these other rides, I have a simple suggestion...don't sign up. While they may not match your style or pocketbook, they could be perfect for many others. All efforts to develop the sport of cycling are welcome.

What a strange release for

What a strange release for this event?? It is not permitted with any sanctioning race body, yet it is already taking registrations... I think ACA and USCF both prohibit races from opening registration before they ok the safety & logistics of the event... Will this qualify for BAR/BAT?