Governor Bill Ritter Talks About Bike Crash Injuries

DENVER - Governor Bill Ritter spoke publicly for the first time on Wednesday afternoon since he was in a bicycle crash that broke several of his ribs.

Ritter was released from the hospital on Saturday after he was injured early in the morning on March 2. He was in a group of five people just north of the governor's mansion when his wheel hit the wheel of a man in front of him.

Ritter's injuries were very severe and he detailed them on Wednesday during his first trip back to the State Capitol since the crash. Ritter says he has bruising on the lungs, a crack in his sternum, six different breaks in five ribs and a separated shoulder.

"I'm feeling like a person who has six broken ribs, or six breaks in five ribs, and a couple of other injuries as well. I have to be very careful. I have to do what the doctors tell me to do," Ritter said.

Doctors told Ritter to remain mostly immobile so he could heal, but he says at no time did he lose consciousness or have the lieutenant governor assume his job.

One other person was injured in the accident. That person, Ritter said, suffered two small fractures to both his arms. The governor would not name that person, but he did say he is doing fine.

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