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There lots of great bike shops up and down the Front Range. There is a new bike shop in Golden that you should check out and we caught up with and asked them a few questions.

    [303Cycling] Tell me a little about the new shop (where is it located, bikes offered, services etc)
    [Rise Above Cycles] We are located on the North side Of Golden, right off of 93 at 111 North Rubey Dr. Unit A1, in the Canyon Point Shopping center. From our shop you can access a verity of rides - there's something for everyone! On the mountain bike you can hit North Table Mountain in about 5 minutes by bike, Chimney Gulch in about 10 minutes. On the road bike, Golden Gate is roughly a 2 minute ride and Lookout Mountain about 12 minutes. And we're right off the path that runs along 93/6th Ave for an afternoon fun ride. We offer a range of bikes - entry level road, mountain, path and triathlon bikes - from an inexpensive first bike all the way up to the the high end swanky ride. Cyclocross bikes will come later in the year as the season approaches! Felt is our main line of bikes; we also carry Focus, and BMC. Along with bikes we offer products from Hed wheels, SRM, Hincapie and Castelli clothing, Catlike Helmets, etc… and a full line of nutritional produces.
    Rise Above Cycles is a full service shop. We do everything from mechanical work, bike fits, new bike sales, accessories …anything you can connect to a bike! Andy has over 20 years professional mechanic experience, so your bike will be in well qualified hands! We will also be offering all types of clinics, classes, fun events through the year. You have an idea for an event, drop us a line! We got space, lets do it!

    [303Cycling] Why Golden Colorado?
    [Rise Above Cycles] Golden? Well, being where we are in Golden it puts us right at the launch point for a lot of awesome rides. We're snuggled in nicely between Denver, Boulder, and many Suburbs. We have free, plentiful all day parking all around us, great places to get something to eat, grab a coffee, or a beer right next to us. Plus Golden is a great community that loves their cycling. Why Golden? Why not! We love it here!

    [303Cycling] Tell me a little about the women's elite team the shop is sponsoring
    [Rise Above Cycles] Our women's program was built around the idea of getting together a bunch of women that have real full time jobs, or go to school, and want to race their bikes hard! Since our women have real responsibilities in the world they get it that riding their bike is an escape from work and such, so we have have a no drama policy. We are registered as an elite squad, so we can go do the bigger races around the country. Our women are committed to being great ambassadors for the sport and the community through racing and training hard. Look out for the ladies in blue around Colorado and the country!

    [303Cycling] Anything else you want our readers to know?
    [Rise Above Cycles] If the weather is crappy on the weekends we have a free trainer class at 10 on Sundays, with workouts provided by Jim Capra from Tyler Hamilton coaching - pretty much guaranteed to make you ride faster and suffer more. The official word on the workouts is posted on our Facebook page. When the weather is consistently nice, we'll have a regular Sunday morning ride leaving from the shop as well.

    We love having fun events, so be on the lookout for a calendar coming soon!
    We are also a gear drop off for the Shannon Galpin's Mountain2Mountain charity for the Afghan national some old gear that is collecting dust? Let us send it to someone that can use it.

    Check out their Facebook Page (Website coming soon)

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you know, there's already a bike shop called "Golden Bike Shop", so your headline is a bit misleading. I initially thought the article would be about them merging with another shop or just changing their name. "New bike shop in Golden-Rise Above Cycles" works better.

A great new shop!

Go see Andy C @ Rise Above! No attitude, no shenanagins, Just great service and knowledge!
Andy has incredible passion for cycling, and the technical saavy and experience to make your bike friggin
Perfect! Cool BMC, Felt, Scott stuff too. Oh, BTW- Colorado State Road Race Champion, so he knows a bit about Local racing too.