Gold Sprints - Lazy Dog

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Last night, the Lazy Dog was hopping in downtown Boulder. Gold Sprints were happening for the first time in a long time. You may or may not be familiar with roller racing so this is how Wikipedia defines it:

Rollers may also be used for roller races (goldsprints). Two or more bikes are placed on rollers side by side, the rollers are connected to a timing system. Timing systems either use modern electronics and digital projection, or a large analog clock with a hand for every rider representing their distance traveled. Roller racing was popular in 1950s Britain, often preceding films at the cinema or taking place in between dances at dance halls.[9] Roller racing still takes place in Britain today with London's bicycle messenger community organizing events going under the name of Rollapaluza.

As for last night there were four bikes lined up on stage with a large projection screen off to the right of the stage. Statistics on each rider (i.e. speed, time etc) were displayed for everyone to see. Riders were given a count down and they raced as hard as they could for 500 meters as the music pumped and old time cycling videos played in the background. So you may ask how long does it take to sprint for 500m? Last night the fast times were in the sub 18 second time frame.

I saw this as a great event bringing a wide variety of people together from bike messengers to mountain bike riders to road racers. It would be fun if this became a monthly event for the Lazy Dog or some other bar in Boulder.

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Roller races with no front wheel- Lame

I was feeling good about last night's event until your comment. To be clear, the event was promoted and or advertised as a GoldSprint event. GoldSprints ARE NOT done with a front wheel and on regular rollers. I've ridden regular rollers for 25+ years. I would tell you without hesitation, that with the events we do, they could not be done on regular rollers without injury to someone. The people in attendance seemed to have a good time. We're happy they did, because with all that "lame" front fork support, it takes a hell of a lot of effort to put it together. Comments like yours makes it even worth less to me. Good Luck with YOUR future events.

Roller Races - Great Time

I was there and it was a great event! If you have never been to one of these event riding regular rollers would be crazy. I would love to see this as a regular (i.e. monthly) event in Boulder. I am not sure how much business the Lazy Dog does on a Tuesday night but the roller races filled up half the place.

Dont take the comment seriously. If that person would have been or have seen a roller race they would know why regular rollers would be extremely dangerous.

Are you a retard? This isn't NASCAR

Roller Races without a front fork mount?!?! Can you imagine how many drunk hipsters would be crashing? Even skilled roller riders would have to not drink any if they want to safely participate. NO WAY would I attempt this without a fork mount.... but I VERY much do look forward to the version you describe, can't wait to watch the crashes just like NASCAR.

Not a retard, just can ride my bike smoothly

Actually, I have done several full on roller races with no fork mount . And yes, there were some close calls, but no crashes.
In all honesty, being able to ride rollers fast makes you a much better (read smoother) bike rider. It improves your pedaling enormously, which does not happen if your fork is mounted.
And yes, I would hold off on the beer until after done with the rollers!

Work on it

You may want to consider working on your internet sarcasm then. It definitely came off as less a joke, more of an stupid statement. I was there, it was fun. Although, it would be interesting to do the "chug a beer then pedal your butt off race" on real rollers.