Gold Sprints - Lazy Dog

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Last night, the Lazy Dog was hopping in downtown Boulder. Gold Sprints were happening for the first time in a long time. You may or may not be familiar with roller racing so this is how Wikipedia defines it:

Rollers may also be used for roller races (goldsprints). Two or more bikes are placed on rollers side by side, the rollers are connected to a timing system. Timing systems either use modern electronics and digital projection, or a large analog clock with a hand for every rider representing their distance traveled. Roller racing was popular in 1950s Britain, often preceding films at the cinema or taking place in between dances at dance halls.[9] Roller racing still takes place in Britain today with London's bicycle messenger community organizing events going under the name of Rollapaluza.

As for last night there were four bikes lined up on stage with a large projection screen off to the right of the stage. Statistics on each rider (i.e. speed, time etc) were displayed for everyone to see. Riders were given a count down and they raced as hard as they could for 500 meters as the music pumped and old time cycling videos played in the background. So you may ask how long does it take to sprint for 500m? Last night the fast times were in the sub 18 second time frame.

I saw this as a great event bringing a wide variety of people together from bike messengers to mountain bike riders to road racers. It would be fun if this became a monthly event for the Lazy Dog or some other bar in Boulder.

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Gold Sprints Rule!

First of all, drop that Boulder-elitist-fork-mounted-roller bull sh!t. I've done Gold Sprints in Manhattan, Portland and even Salt Lake City and they always mount the front fork and run the rear wheel on a set of rollers. That's how it's done. It's safe(r), and makes it open to anyone who'd like to try (even if they don't spend beautiful Boulder days in front of their TV riding a pair of rollers). It's meant to be fun! And of course, competitive.

Anyway, I missed it last night, I didn't find out about it all until I was in bed. I really hope there is a regular Gold Sprint series in Boulder. Bi-monthly would be preferable. Great way to promote cycling to the general public and an even better way to help the eliteist cycling cynics loosen up a bit.