City of Boulder kicks off "Go Green" Campaign July 18th

Heard about his today, Go Green campaign kicks off at CU's football game but what it really means is grey. Nothing new is happening except they are now putting a name and marketing campaign to the status quo. Someone please prove me wrong.

Details on the campaign

GO Boulder/city of Boulder is officially kicking-off a campaign to keep Boulder moving to a sustainable future by asking Boulder residents, employees, students and visitors to "GO Green" on specific, predetermined high-traffic days in and around the city of Boulder.

The goal of "GO Green" is to alleviate traffic and congestion, reduce the community's carbon footprint, and highlight how convenient it is to bike, walk, ride the bus, car and vanpool or even work from home. The city will ask people to "GO Green" and use the various transportation options available to them. The end result - less traffic headaches, cleaner air and saving cash by not driving. Here are a few tips on how to "GO Green":

Bus, Bike, Walk: It's the Boulder Way to GO!
Map your transit route at
Map your bike route at
If you have to drive:
Plan ahead and combine trips.
Don't go it alone. Visit to find out how to form a carpool or vanpool.
If appropriate, work from home.
GO Boulder is partnering with the University of Colorado (CU) to kick-off the first "GO Green Day" on Thursday, Sept. 18, when CU plays West Virginia at Folsom Field, starting at 6:30 p.m. With the evening rush-hour traffic, game traffic and out-of-town visitors on the streets, this is a perfect day to "GO Green."

"The 'GO Green' campaign really just reinforces what the Boulder community already cares about - being responsible environmental stewards," said Tracy Winfree, director of Public Works for transportation. "As far as I am concerned, every day is a 'GO Green Day,' but if we can change transportation behaviors on key days to make Boulder streets safer and less congested and reduce our carbon footprint in doing so, everyone wins."

When people "GO Green" on game day, it will also assist CU in mitigating on-campus parking issues the day of the game.

"We are expecting a huge influx of folks for the big, nationally televised CU/West Virginia game," said Frank Bruno, CU vice chancellor for administration. "Fans who 'GO Green' will keep CU moving toward a more sustainable future, and will avoid the headaches of game day traffic."

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