Farmer, Bee Keeper, and Olympic Mountain Biker, Georgia Gould Primed for London Olympics

Today's Denver Post featured a great story about Olympic mountain biker Georgia Gould

Georgia Gould is a farmer at heart, and her backyard is like a small farm. She has chickens, honey bees and a vegetable garden. Gould, 32, is preparing for her second Olympiad. She placed eighth in mountain biking in Beijing in 2008 but is a strong candidate to medal this time...

This adopted Coloradan from Baltimore via Sun Valley, Idaho, is into the environment and into another Colorado endeavor. Gould is Colorado's queen bee of mountain biking. Change that. She's the queen bee for the United States, which she will represent for the second straight Olympics next month in London.

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Georgia Gould Interview on Mountain Bike Radio recently
- Georgia's Interview

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Georgia also advocates for equal pay for women

Also from the Denver Post:

“This looks like a pretty strong case of discrimination,” Gould said. “I understand men’s fields are deeper. There are more guys racing. OK, you don’t make it equal 20 places deep. But the top few people? You don’t get a discount like, ‘Oh, you’ve got (breasts). You pay less for your plane ticket.’ Or when I buy my license from the UCI, they’re not, like, ‘Oh, you’re a woman. You pay 10 percent of what the men pay.’ I train just as hard. "

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Almost a fan

but if she keeps up with this nonsensical "I train just as hard" justification for equal pay, I can't bring myself to fully commit to being a supporter. It's not about how hard she trains, or how tough (relatively) the competition in the women's races is, or whatever. She doesn't get that it's ALL about the relative ROI to the sponsors and the ability for top male cyclists to help the sport make LOTS of money at the highest levels, and therefore that's why they can demand higher salaries. You could take all the exposure she, Katie, and any other top female race combined, and it won't sell a single groupo.

Sucks that life doesn't seem fair.

Damn straight. Get back in

Damn straight. Get back in the kitchen Georgia, I want my dinner!

On a serious note, of the hundreds of thousands of women racing bikes around world, none have looked a picture of Vos, Georgia, Katie, etc. in a magazine and thought "wow, I wan't that bike"? Or, saw Vos's Stevens CX bike and thought how cool it would be to upgrade to DuraAce? I'm a guy and I looked at an Ibis CX bike because of Amy Dombroski. Speaking of Amy, would she have gotten so many individual sponsors if they thought their ROI would be wasted?



Never will.

Why bother...just go watch a local Cat 3 race and you can see the same talent!

The top cat 3 men are faster than the best women in the world...

If equal pay for equal work/skill were the case...why are more cat 3 men not demanding equal pay?

Cat 3 men usually race the same or more distance than the Pro 12 women...

If a professional completes x amount of work at x skill level they should be paid the same no matter the sex (this excludes the investment value).

Maybe female cyclists should partner with male models and start a coalition of undervalued performers.

On the whole, cycling's

On the whole, cycling's economic impact is small, compared to the holy Trinity of American sports: football, baseball, basketball. By this argument, do we downscale cyclist's pay? Lance made roughly 2/3 of what Tom Brady did, undoubtedly far more than a rookie NFL lineman, let's say. Do we downgrade his pay due to his lack of economic impact