Gearing up for the HOWL Ride

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Photo Credit: Eric VanZytveld
Gov. Bill Ritter doing the HOWL Ride

303Cycling caught up with the promoter of the Hell of the Wolf Ride to talk about their ride. This is one of the earliest Colorado bike tours starting in under a month on April 18th! Are you ready? Next week Tyler Hamilton will provide us with a training plan rides just like this one, stay tuned!

This will be the 8th official running (or riding) of the Hell Of the Wolf Loop (H.O.W.L.) Ride. This year’s fully-supported ride will be a non partisan, non political appreciation ride for Governor Bill Ritter for his many contributions to Colorado including green technology, jobs, healthcare for low income families, making roads safer for cyclists and teaming up with Lance Armstrong to bring professional bike racing back to Colorado in 2011!

This year, past Olympic Medalists will be riding, including Gold Medalist Connie Carpenter-Phinney, Bronze Medalist and first American to win a stage in the Tour de France, Davis Phinney and seven time, Tour de France rider Ron Kiefel. Other cycling legends and celebrities will be among the estimated 1,000 cyclists for the 8th Annual H.O.W.L. ride.

Former three-time Colorado State Cycling Champion Bob Shaver started the ride. He has this to say about the event and changes for this year:

“For the fit cyclist the H.O.W.L. does not present itself as a particularly challenging ride. That has never been its intention but rather a ride to do with friends. We have lots of exciting changes for 2010. The foremost will be many more riders! Because of this we’ve had to make some route changes but we also have much more support in terms of rider safety. We will have police marshalling the intersections so we can ride interrupted through town as we do the “town loop” through Castle Rock.

This year the new route will take us through a scenic residential area to Larkspur. We’ll catch part of Larkspur as we head south to Palmer. From Larkspur the riders encounter rolling hills; a couple of those are pack breakers, with short fun descents. The road flattens at the final descent before Palmer Lake.
Traditionally we would stop at Palmer Lake and wait for stragglers. This year for those of us not in the best of form, we will stop for a well-stocked rest stop.

From Palmer Lake we head north on 105. Almost immediately riders encounter “Wolf Pup Pass.” This is a super short climb but it still can string things out a bit. Next, we head almost all downhill, to the base of WOLFensberger road.

The WOLF is a nice three mile climb. The most notable phenomena for the past seven years, no matter which way the wind is blowing -- there’s always been a tail wind. Once at WOLF summit, you’ll descend a bit then take a right on a new road that heads to Castle Rock. This new road affords a safer descent, bypassing traffic at the bottom.”
We are also very excited this year to support The Rise School Denver, Front Rangers, and Bicycle Colorado. A big thanks to our supporters and sponsors including Ken and Tom Gart, Bicycle Village, KIND Snacks, MapMyRide, Serendipity Catering, ShaverSport, and Colorado Morning Machine members!

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Thanks to our sponsors!

Just wanted to say a big thanks to our sponsors on this event -- Bicycle Village, ShaverSport, MapMyRide, Serendipity Catering, KIND, the CO Morning Machine, and Ken and Tom Gart! More exciting announcements to come! And thanks to 303Cycling!