Frisco Opens Spectacular Peninsula Bike Park

If you are heading up to Frisco for the cross race this weekend you should check this out.

Frisco opens spectacular Peninsula Bike Park

By Jason Blevins
The Denver Post

FRISCO — Summit County took another step toward becoming a world capital of action sports when the Frisco Peninsula Bike Park opened last weekend.

The park's three flow trails and pump track anchor a sprawling $6 million playground that includes a day lodge, mountain bike trail, disc golf course, pickleball court, Nordic skiing track, tubing hill and skateboard park. Two years ago, the peninsula was an empty field littered with dead lodgepole pines. Today, it's Frisco's trophy.

"We are trying to really capture the up-and-coming recreational trends that are out there right now," Frisco Town Manager Michael Penny said.

The bike park's sculpted trails and jumps bustled with airborne riders at last Saturday's official opening. From tots on Striders to teens and dads on dirt bikes, they spun through the park's beginner-to-expert features.

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