Friday Fun - Road Reclamation and CX an Olympic Sport

One of the best online videos I've seen in awhile, this one talks about fixing "The Great Mistake" which they are referring to the autocentric development of the past 60-ish years. Even though this vid highlights the issues in NYC pretty much 90% of the towns across America, even Boulder, can relate to the submission citizens granted to the roads. Maybe now is the time for "Reclamation of the streets".

Make CycloCross a Winter Olympic Sport

Cycling lost a cycling event in the summer Olympics so why not pick one up in the winter? Besides, if we have to be subjected to brother/sister ice dancing again then I might boycott it. If you are interested in making Cyclocross a winter sport

Last piece comes from my weekly Excel Sports email blast. Excel is known for having the best prices on high quality bike parts but this one just blew my mind, Gold Metal Track Cog! For those purchasing this item I'd like to invite you to sponsor 303cycling to help us provide quality content (at times) to cyclist in the Colorado Front Range

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