Friday Fun -- 100th Loops, and too much to mention

Can you feel the energy of the cycling season start to pick up? The huge Morgul Bismark Race is this weekend with Street Sprints tonight, Mountain bike lifts open at Keystone tomorrow. Bike & Walk Month starts next week. CU Short Track is under way. Famous Boulder 360/180 is next week and probably about 20 other races, events and tours are set to get rolling in the next 7 days as well. So put down the remote, stop watching the ToC or Tour of Italy and get out and ride your bike!

Now on with some fun. For those who missed it, Judge Judy case of the expensive bike is quite funny and happy 100th Denver Loops ride!, never done a Loops rides well now you can virtually below.

And from Western Slopestyle

Endorphun from NoahColorado on Vimeo.

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